that was just completely lovely. great work. =)

I really enjoyed reading that and love that Brittany orchestrated the whole thing. Thanks for sharing.

Oh my goodness, thank you for writing a Glee version of Caged. This was absolutely brilliant.

Caged was brilliant. Still my favorite Popular episode ever -- I watched it again a couple of weeks ago, and it still held up (Queen B, too). Ryan Murphy wrote women a lot better back then!

Great Story, loved every minute of it.

I wish Glee would have a version of Caged. It is my all time favorite Popular episode. EVER!

I love what you wrote, and the way you wrote it. Glee can be so frustrating sometimes, I just wish us fans could write some episodes. This would be a winner! Great job!

Caged is my favorite Popular episode, too! And Locked in a Room is one of my two favorite TV Tropes (the other is Belligerent Sexual Tension).

There have definitely been a few fanfics I've wished were real episodes. :)

This was amazing, cute, sweet and really funny. I demand that this happen on the show!

I so need this to happen in the show! You really need to become a writer for Glee! :D

Oh God, I think I care too much about continuity and character development for that. I would probably just sit in the writers' room and cry.

This was a perfect read after yesterday annoying episode. I crave R/Q fanfiction so much these days because of the travesty that is canon and I am so happy when there a brilliant fics such as yours (which are, unfortunately, rare in this period.

I loved the dialog, I loved your superHBIC! Quinn and Santana, the denials, the confessions, everything ♥

You're definitely in my top 10 favorite Faberry writers and I can't wait to read more fics from you ♥

Aww, thank you so much! I've only done the two Faberry fics so far (and one Quinntana, which was pretty enjoyable to write even though my heart belongs to Faberry), although I'm about halfway through writing a third one. :)

Totally hear you on canon sucking. Thememoriesfire's fluffy one-shots on her Tumblr have been cheering me up each day, though!

This was great! Totally adorable and funny!

I love everything about this from the fights that started it and to the ending song, which was really a fantastic end to the story.

But most of all you get triple points for crafty!Brittany. I love crafty!Brittany and Santana looking on impressed, Santana's always proud whenever she does or say something bitchy or crafty!

Also, what I got from this is that I really should be watching Caged!

Thank you! I love Brittany's funny one-liners on the show, but I hate how the writers (mostly Ian Brennan) will sometimes make her really stupid in service of a joke (like when she believes the stork brings babies or she still believes in Santa). Brittany's not completely stupid; she was crafty enough to turn Rachel's whole scheme to gain popularity around, and she has Santana pretty much whipped, haha. She also seems quite adept at understanding people's emotions, most of the time, so I tried to get that across here.

Popular was such a crazy show. It started out as your average teen comedy before getting kind of heightened-reality silly, and then it went completely, entertainingly off the rails. I miss that show.

So, confession: I don't really read anyone else while I'm in the middle of a story, because I have a weird thing about being influenced by other writers (in that I don't want to be). But my girlfriend sent me a link to this story and said more or less "Read this, just do it"... and I see why. :)

I think we see these characters much the same way, and I think if you're still reading my latest arc that's going to become increasingly clearer. For example, If Quinn is to come out and be with Rachel, she and Santana would so need each others' support, directly or indirectly. I also think that both Quinn and Santana admire (and are somewhat perplexed by, perhaps even jealous of) Rachel's bravery.

Anyway, this is really great and as soon as I'm done with my last few chapters I'm going to go back and read more of your stuff!

Of course I'm still reading your latest arc! I'm always so excited when I see you've updated. You're one of my favorite writers in this fandom. :)

I know what you mean about being influenced by other writers; I've definitely drawn on your interpretation of the characters (as well as my friend thememoriesfire's) when writing my fic. Luckily, we all seem to see the characters in a similar way to start with, so reading all of your fic hasn't really changed the way I think of the girls, just... deepened my understanding, if that makes sense. Basically: I agree with everything you just said, haha.

I hope you enjoy my other stuff! I wrote a Quinntana fic you might like, if you're interested in that pairing. I think they have a neat dynamic.

Very entertaining read, and great characterization. I loved it.

One of those lovely 'aww' stories and I love how you've portrayed Brittany. More please?

This is utterly perfect. The characters are spot on. Thanks so much for this!

That was quite amazing, actually...very nice!

I love this so much, holy crap. You are a wizard.

Hehe. Oh completely random and fun. I love it. Very enjoyable read. Thanks heaps for sharing


This. Is. Just. So. Cute.
I can't even. :3
I want to curl up in a ball with all my pets and snuggle them because this fic is just too fluff and funny and and and everything.

Wow. That was hands down one of the all time cutest stories I've ever read. Everything really clicked for me.

I loved Santana's line about how kissing Brittany after telling her that she loves her makes kisses mean more and thus makes it harder to kiss her. It makes total sense and I never thought about how that might hold her back.

I also loved Rachel's speech about what makes Quinn brave. Quinn is a terrified girl but after reading all of the things that she's done it does show her as quite brave and strong. I like that you've taken things from the show and framed them in a way that gives me a new perspective on these characters.

That was seriously adorable. Sorry for how rambly my comment was. I get rambly when I like things.

I don't mind rambly! Thank you.

I seriously expected Brittany and Santana to kiss after "Songbird," and then again at prom, but they didn't... so I'm choosing to believe my interpretation is why, heh.

I just love Quinn. I wish that she would befriend Rachel on the show -- she needs someone to show her how to be brave.

Awesome :D

Great job I really really liked this. And evil genius Brittany always makes my day :D

First, so excited to see another fic from you :)second, I like when an author shares my same point of view about Brittany lol she played them the whole time, smart girl.
And finally,

"... I just wish you could see yourself the way I see you,"

awwww Rachel. How someone couldn't fall for you if you say things like that? so adorable.
So, to make this short, I loved this. Great job


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